ZAHARA + JADE: A Brand Evolution in 2018

Z+J 2018

Zahara has always been Zahara, it just took a long time to discover her inner truth - shining radiance - which was hidden underneath darkness + suffering.  Jewelry is the thread that kept Zahara connected to her inner shine since childhood, which was riddled with pain, chronic disease, and extensive hospital stays.  Designing jewelry healed Zahara + helped her heal others, and remains Zahara's purpose to this day.    

What's with the name?  Shana (Zahara's given name) chose her name once she was no longer a prisoner of her chronic illness and could feel her inner radiance.  She chose the name Zahara while living in Bali in her third decade of life, which she understood to hold the meaning "shining radiance," something she finally felt from the inside-out.  Jade is her auspicious stone which she often uses in jewelry, a gem of knowledge given to her by Mr. V, her Vedic Astrologer in Mysore, India.  

Zahara's name, self, and brand has unfolded as she meets people from different cultures who have different understandings of the name, "Zahara."  In Hebrew Zahara is derived from the male root, "Zohar."  The Zohar is a collection of commentaries on The Torah, intended to guide people who have already achieved high degrees of spiritual connectedness to their souls.  In plain English, it is essentially a guide to enlightenment.  Shana did not know this when she chose the name, but only after she had experienced a kundalini awakening. 

The purpose of Zahara + Jade Jewelry is to heal people + connect people to their truth - in other words, to help them achieve enlightenment.  

It turns out that the name Shana in Hebrew means "beautiful," like Zahara had always been told by her mother, but it also means "to shine."  Yes, that's correct.  Shana chose the name Zahara, and they both mean "to shine."  Still, claiming one's truth as their own holds power, and to own "enlightenment" as a name, a vibration, and a brand - all without knowing it - comes from a higher guidance.

So why the rebrand in 2018? 

Zahara met her (now) husband while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, working on ZAHARA JADE Jewelry.  She moved back to California circa 2015 to live the dream alongside him and let go of ZAHARA JADE for a while.  Reconnecting with her jewelry and brand at the end of 2017 it was time to take a fresh look.  On a whim one day Drew suggested the Zahara + Jade idea.  He was joking, but she thought it was brilliant.  

Zahara + Jade 


Enlightenment by wearing Auspicious Jewelry +Stones

It's as simple as that.  This is an awakened brand, helping others awaken to their own truth and higher selves.



Zahara Jade