Creating the Life You Dream is Possible

I’m sitting beneath the bright, full moon, wondering how this is all possible. All of the magic, the beauty, confidence, understanding, belief. 

The confusion, uncertainty, following a dream without knowing or seeing the bigger picture. 

Thank goodness for the Cosmic Joke, because life, love, prana, truth, essence, soul - the limited language we have to describe limitless aspects of our infinite experience – flow within us and without regardless of our ego’s experience of them.  Magnificent moments there is full equanimity, balance, connection.  Fully aligned to inner truth, to The Truth, it is possible to be

To sit in awe, in bliss, in gratitude. 

In this sort of space during this month’s full moon, the one I’ve just attempted, yet failed miserably to describe for it would not be what it is if possible to capture in thought form,

You see, I’ve just learned that I am one of 3 people in the world utilizing a very special, ancient spiritual protective piece in modern jewelry design. 

I did not understand why a woman in Australia at ANU Canberra, receiving her doctorate in goldsmith with an anthropology focus, was tracking me down.  She found me through one of my steadfast partners, Down Dog Boutique, and emailed them. Gill, the fabulous metalsmith, is writing her doctorate thesis about safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in Isaan, Thailand. 

Huh?  Yeah, at the time this pretty much meant nothing to me either. 

When we finally were able to connect on Skype 2 months later, everything gelled.  Gill does the most spectacular metalsmith work, incorporating ancient cultural pieces that hold special protective powers.  It so happens that I stumbled upon a similar though process and decided to utilize one of the very same amulets that she recreates in her own designs.  Let me be very clear: Gill’s work is exceptional.  Her studies, her dedication to preserve cultural heritage and uphold the villages, people, values, purpose and energy captured within these ancient pieces is second-to-none.  I could only hope to come close to achieving a similar aim to Gill.

To say I am on the cutting-edge would be a bit much.  Seems I am ahead of the curve, a trailblazer, often a bit too ahead of the time for anyone’s good.

I only hope that in my honest passion and desire to share the powerful healing and protective energies in the Far East that the Western world slowly become receptive to the genuine power contained in these “tools”. 

The specific work Gill sought me out for are the bullet-like amulets.  If you are interested in those, please get them while you can.  No doubt they are rare and hard to find.  Any of the P.R.A.Y. Jewelry pieces made with metal, including the Buddha Amulets or other hand-made pieces (based on Kris Sword properties), are modern-versions of healing, protective, spiritual objects meant to re-balance your energy and assist you in manifesting your highest potential. 

In other words, creating the life you dream.

❤New designs incorporating these Consciously Sexy pieces coming SOON! ❤

Zahara Jade