Finding Truth in Transformation and Collaboration

A Path of Truth and Transformation

Many thanks this Thanksgiving weekend as America celebrates one of the holidays which allows us to gather with family, find deep gratitude for one another, our heart & soul connections, all that we have, all that we are, all of the opportunities bestowed upon us.  It is not beyond me to acknowledge the land from which I come, for I am deeply blessed to be born in a land of opportunity.  Because of this opportunity I have been able to explore far away lands, find my deepest passion, immerse myself in inspiration, and find my in this world to inspire others, heal others, impact the planet, and make a difference.

This past month I have not written one single blog.  I have been busy writing for other platforms and preparing for the Holidays.  I am so very excited to share where P.R.A.Y. Jewelry is today.

In the past 2 weeks ZAHARA + JADE/ P.R.A.Y. Jewelry launched as partners with: Down Dog Boutique, an eco-friendly boutique for many of the best yoga products on the market.  Along with this launch, P.R.A.Y. announced the release of 2 collections: Dharma Collection & Rapture Collection.

The Dharma Collection is a series P.R.A.Y. pieces combined with of ancient, vintage Buddha Amulets all of which have powers of protection, healing, good luck, abundance, manifestation due to their metal combinations and infusion of age-old monk blessings.  Dharma Collection may be found at, and the one-of-a-kind Dharma Necklace, with a 50-yr-old vintage piece, is found exclusively at The Culture-ist's  brand new, shiny, absolutely inspiring, incredible socially conscious eco-boutique, launched last week, The Culture Collection.

My partnership with The Culture-ist as they set out to develop their vision of The Culture Collection began 6 months ago.  It has been a long, beautiful, exceptionally thrilling and inspiring story.  I will share in next week's blog.  Please visit The Culture Collection in the meantime to shop P.R.A.Y. Jewelry's Dharma Collection, Rapture Collection and the other amazing 9 socially conscious artisans partnered in our shop.

This Thanksgiving Weekend I share with you the incredible story and inspiration behind my latest designs, the Rapture Crystal Bullet Collection.  Those who believe the jewelry is religious and too esoteric for their tastes, maybe so.  Read on.....even famous actors such as Angelina Jolie are connected to this deep story.

Love, Zahara

Namaste: The Story Behind the Takrut Bullet


By Zahara Jade

Founder of P.R.A.Y Jewelry

Now available at DownDog

The world is no longer separated by East and West. In today’s material-based society, the proliferation of Eastern concepts and beliefs are of tremendous value; spirituality, movement-based sciences, philosophy, and energy practices inform those more consciously inclined.

An aspect of Eastern-influenced Western society includes the $6 billion+ a year yoga product industry. Within this marketplace goods from all corners of the earth are sold for all reasons; boost spirituality, physical asana props, threads to wear to yoga class, and so on. Spiritual jewelry is a popular accessory in the yoga world, there are gorgeous pieces to choose, everything from emerald
encrusted Om’s, to malas for a specific chakra, to simple charms with Sanskrit and yogic-related symbols.

The question begs to be asked: can this billion dollar industry- DOES this billion-dollar industry – provide as much healing on a physical level, as the yoga practice itself?

Down Dog Boutique is amongst a select group of forward-thinking companies with this intention in mind. Companies such this one, which support socially conscious brands that are eco-friendly, slow fashion, mindful of the Earth in production process, have as much in line with yogic philosophy as yoga itself, and it is such companies (Down Dog Boutique, and those it supports), which continue to bring deep purpose to yoga through a material world.

It has been a personal vision of mine for half a decade to bring powerful Eastern energy to the West in a widely accessible, material form; simple to use that a person could literally pick this “something” up, hold it in their hand (or wear it for that matter), re-balance and heal. What developed over the course of years was my line of healing jewels, and this fall I have been strongly drawn to create a modern healing version of the Takrut bullet amulets, which are grouped within the P.R.A.Y. Jewelry line as the Rapture Crystal Bullet Collection. 


The Takrut bullet, known outside of Thailand as "Tangkai", is surrounded by great legend due to its well-known abilities to protect, heal, and bring abundance to many great warriors and the general public in Asia. The takrut is a scroll formed from an inscription of an ancient text called Yantra, or Yant, onto a sheet of
lead, silver, gold or other material (old bullet shells and other recycled, vintage materials, in the case of P.R.A.Y.). A monk in the healing caste then constructs the amulet scroll according to arcane sciences during deep meditation. This intricate process produces a protective amulet that may be worn to ward off danger, increase serenity, and create goodwill and abundance.

The Yant and Takrut became better known in niche circles in recent years when a monk in SE Asia inked actress Angelina Jolie with a Sak Yant tattoo. The Sak Yant is the same as the Takrut Yant, except inscribed on the skin. Takrut amulets may be worn on specific body parts to protect or grant power to that particular
part of the body. These protective qualities are instrumental for individuals working with their energetic fields, whether in the lines of yoga, bodywork, energy work, or other healing modalities. Modern urbanites subject to every day imbalances and dis-ease in Western society are prime to benefit from the healing properties in P.R.A.Y.’s Rapture Crystal Bullet Necklaces. Upcycled, vintage Takrut bullets are reconstructed into edgy, modern designs contrasted with energy-conducting crystals to boost the Takrut powers.

Be sure to get one soon, they are rare, limited, and all one-of-a-kind. Most Takruts available in these designs date 20-50+years.

For questions about the Rapture Crystal Bullet Necklaces or P.R.A.Y. Jewelry,
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