Keeping the Dreamer Alive


Living your dream, I mean truly living your dream, takes guts.  It takes courage.  
Quite often, it takes a major change to come about in your life to shake the core of your being, to shatter your foundation to the extent that your entire universal perception shifts and there is no way to look back.

It's as though you've taken the Red Pill (Alice in Wonderland), and you are now seeing reality clearly for the first time ever.  

You are awake, awakened.

This is the place to begin to live your dream.  Awake, tuned in to your true self.

So you're living your dream, or you want to live your dream, but you're not sure if it's right, or you just don't know how.  There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when living one's dream.

Steps to Living Your Dream

1. Walk into the face of fear.

Yep, that's right.  We've all got immeasurable fear around any change.  Quite often following your dream entails letting go of security, and comfort.  You will need to trade the known for the unknown, and walk through a door you have never been before.  Fear will surround your brain, and likely your body, for much of the time.  As long as it's not life-threatening, walk straight through that fear.  

Look fear in the eye, smile, and keep on going.

2. Embrace the unknown.

Our dreams are just that; constructs of an imagined life that does not yet exist.  Will it feel good?  Who knows.  Will it be what we expect?  This cannot possibly be answered until you try.  Where will your new path lead you?  Endless questions are expected.  It is up to you to breathe, accept that control is an illusion of the mind, and why not embrace the unknowns within your own dream, than the unknowns while living someone else's dream?

3. Know that if you dream it, it will become reality. yourself, trust the universe.

If you have little to no experience following your heart or living your dreams, perhaps your trust in self and something higher than you is stifled.  I get it.  We were taught to obey, to find security, that we will fall on our face if we don't follow the rules.  Our dreams have been supported - to a certain extent, within boundaries accepted by society's standards.  You start dreaming of becoming a fire spinning performing stilt walker, or a world-traveling digital nomad travel writer, (or whatever!) and all of a sudden fear creeps, society and your family tell you to get a "real job", and quite possibly your loved ones disowns you.  They don't get it.  It's no wonder so many of us watch our dreams disintegrate into thin air.

Dreams take time.  They begin with thought, concept.  Inside our being, then in our mind, then perhaps on paper, on a vision board.  Next we begin to talk about our dream with trusted people around us - if we dare.  All of a sudden, your dream is beginning to feel real, because it is no longer some far-fetched vision in your own mind.  Know that manifesting anything in reality takes the time it takes.   That's right, it may take a few months to see your dream become a reality you are living.  It may take only days.  Some of us, it takes years to fully manifest our dream; it's a process.  Know that it will happen, if you keep the dream alive.

4. You must put action behind your thought in order for your dream to become reality.

The Secret is all well and good, but if you don't take action on your thoughts, ain't nothin' gonna happen, darlin'.  Creating your dream takes as much work as a full time job (depending on the dream).  You must take actual steps towards your dream.  Every.  Single.  Day.  

5.  When you lose your vision and all seems black, don't lose hope.

As a person who follows my heart and works every day on living my dream, I know this one oh so well.  There have been many moments when it felt as though everything went dark.  My dream was no where to be found in the midst of reality, bills, health struggles, lack of feedback or success.  And yet I kept plowing forward, without sight.  Sure enough, months later, sun shone once again upon my dream.  Over the past few years this has happened innumerable times, and yet I continue to place one foot in front of the other, and my vision and dreams grows stronger by the day.

6.  Your life is what you make it.  But let's not beat around the bush.  If you're not living your dream, how truly fulfilled are you?  Is your soul thriving?

Person after person I meet on my journey shares a similar backstory.  They were not fulfilled in life, they were not living their dream.  They left the life they knew so they could find an alternative way.  Whether that means they are now a beachside entrepreneur, living by the beach as they had always dreamed; teaching yoga and sustaining, which was not possible in their hometown; experiencing new ways of life they had never dreamed, they all learn an invaluable lesson:

Anything is possible.  You only have to dream it into reality. 

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Zahara Jade