Intentions Become Reality

One year to the day.

I moved to Chiang Mai June 11th, 2013, to be exact.  In my mind, however, I did not "move" to Chiang Mai.  I was simply passing through, another traveler stopping on the way to my real destination.  If there is such a thing.


Chiang Mai MagicIn typical ZAHARA JADE style, flowing without conscious awareness, but rather higher conscious awareness, it was this very day, June 11, 2014, one year later, that I announced the evolution of my brand to ZAHARA JADE.


Today is a full moon.  The full power and force of my work this entire past year: my daily intentions, actions, strong vision, dreams, are unfolding before my eyes.  Something about the energy in the full moon allows me to feel the enormity of this blessing.  My ability to remain determined when others told me I needed to "face reality", my strength in character & belief in self when those who doubt themselves brought their doubt upon me, worried I cannot make dreams come true.


I'm here to show that dreams are possible, to inspire you to go after your dreams, and on a tangible level provide you with tools to help you fulfill your dreams.  


Because MAN does it feel damn good when they start to come true.  Like for REAL.  Not your "almost" dreams.  But your actual visions and dreams.


TWO years ago to the day, I sat in the swanky Ubud cafes dreaming up what I would create with my life if I did not return to Vietnam to teach yoga.  What would I do?  What would I become?  What DO I WANT?  I want to create.  I want to design.  Making jewelry, creating my own clothing throughout my entire life, I had never gone for it.  Ubud is one of those magical places for me where I am able to realize my destiny.  Yes, my Astrocartography says so.


There in the mothering rice paddies of Ubud, supported by nature, earth, energy, community, creativity abound, I had an endless outpouring of vision.  The strongest was a brand.  I could not see clearly at the time what the brand was or how it would take shape, but  I knew it would involve clothing.  Given that I know jewelry design, it felt right to begin there, and so I did.




Zahara Jade-ness

At the time I conceptualized my line of jewelry and brand, I still went by my given name, Shana Bilfield.  Zahara Jade had not been born.  And as everything comes in its' due time, so did my name, my Zahara Jade-ness, the embodiment of ME.


Here I am, 2 years to the day of PRAY conception, announcing the launch and re-branding of ZAHARA JADE.  One year to the day, developing and sharing the P.R.A.Y. Jewelry brand with the world, it is time to expand.

~ It was a dream and intention I set forth 2 years ago, the same moment I conceptualized P.R.A.Y.: Become a well-known, high-end, conscious "lifestyle" brand.  Today I am very excited to announce to you, my most loyal & fabulous supporters, customers, students, friends, that the PRAYvolution has arrived!  We are announcing our re-branding as ZAHARA JADE, Conscious Lifestyle Brand, P.R.A.Y. Jewelry only one of our many offerings.~ 

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ZAHARA JADE is here to support your most Beautiful, Sexy, Awakened, Conscious Self.  After all, ~Consciousness is Sexy~

Zahara Jade