Mind-Body Connection in Healing: Where Science Meets Reality

Is the mind-body connection proving, beyond doubt, its' potential to induce healing?  Doctors from the scientific community are speaking out.  Turns out, what people around the world have discovered on their own for hundreds of thousands of years without the backing of the medical community, is being verified beyond a doubt to hold true; one's mind set can impact the state of their health.  Terminal cancer patients, people with diabetes, hair loss, autoimmune diseases - you name it, the mind-over-matter placebo effect has been proven by the medical community in research studies for over 50 years to cure illness 18-80% of the time. *1

The wish for healing has always been half of health
— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

My own experiences of mind-body healing is profound, but we are all different.  Though I fall within that 18-80% of people, I still like support and evidence of how and why the process of healing works.  The research is crystal clear: a person's mindset, perception and perspective, and positive thinking can generate healing on a cellular level.  

Don't get too excited just yet (but definitely start feeling ultra positive, happy and stoked)!

It isn't the positive thinking alone that is enough to initiate and sustain the healing process.  Curing disease to the point that a person may thrive takes more than just positive belief.  So what is the most essential factor in a cure via the mind-body connection?  

A caring, supportive, nurturing health care provider/ therapist/ healer.  ~Harvard researcher, Ted Kaptchuk.  Some studies say that the doctor, caretaker, therapist, healer is the placebo, in fact.

What does that mean?  Well, the research is clear: if you have a strong belief that you can get well, that a treatment or medicine will heal you or cure an illness, then you have set the groundwork for healing.  Increase your odds of complete healing by working with a supportive, positive, caring healer. 

Let's break this down.


1. You must take action & feel empowered.  The former will lead to the latter.

First off, know that you are in a position to heal, and take the first steps to make it happen.  You are ultimately the only person who cares if you are vibrant and thriving (vs. living and managing), which is why it makes a difference when you feel empowered in your own healing process.  Empowerment has this way of flicking the body's proverbial healing switch. 

2.  You need the support and guidance of a healer, be it a physician, therapist, or other type of healer.

"You need the positive influence of some sort of health care provider, some sort of healer.  It makes a big difference if somebody is holding that positive belief with you." ~Lissa Rankin, MD.

3.  You must be willing to do the work

A positive mindset and belief in treatment (Western or Alternative) do not come easily.  It is up to the person to decide a) they are in an emotional, physical, or spiritual state that would benefit from healing, and b) they be disciplined in the healing process and make it the priority

4.  Well-rounded health:  A Healthy Mind

In order to obtain optimal health, it is imperative to thrive in all areas of your life.  Relationships, diet, exercise, creative aspects, passion, healthy spiritual life, healthy sexual life, healthy finances, healthy environment.

What's the good news?  A full, well-rounded, healthy life in which you thrive, live your bliss, watch your dreams come true, is all within your reach.  Whichever area of your life that needs love, care, attention and improvement, healing is within your potential.  All you need is to find the right healer to support you on your journey, and the body will take over the rest.


If you happen to be in search of a therapist and healer, I've got great news: you mustn't look much further.  A trained psychologist and mind-body therapist for a decade, I have decided to extend my training in the energy and psychology fields.  The evidence of mind-body connection in healing real disease mounting, it is no longer ok for me to remain small and hide behind healing jewelry (however spectacular and potent it may be).  I am ready to embrace my dharma and true purpose here on this planet, so that I may help you do the same.  The full extent of my service and offerings will be revealed in the coming days & weeks, so please stay tuned. 

To begin TODAY and get a jump-start on healing, check out my 5 Day Healing Guide: Uncover Your Bliss.

Zahara Jade