Motivational: Making Your Dreams a Reality

 Motivational: Live Your Dreams "If You're Not Willing to Risk, You Cannot Grow" 

Working towards a dream

"Sometimes we can't say 'I can do that, but we can say that it's possible, as we work on it, day in and day out.  

People who are running towards their dream, life has a special kind of meaning.  In the process of working on your dreams, you are going to endure a lot of disappointment.  A lot of failure, a lot of pain, a lot of setbacks, a lot of defeats.  

But in the process of doing that, you will discover some things about yourself that you don't know right now.  What you'll realize is you're more powerful than you could ever begin to imagine.  

Align yourself with people that can encourage you, people that can empower you, people that you can learn from, people you can grow from."

I strongly encourage you to take 2:30 to watch the above video.  You may decide you want to watch it every single morning to get your blood pumping and your inspiration vibe flowing.  It is the message for anyone and everyone who decides to pursue their dream in life.

Is that you?

Do you want it to be you?

Do you wish it were you?

What holds you back from your dreams?

In all truthfulness, you are likely only a few steps away from beginning to live your dreams, only you may not know it.  You might even be in process with just a few things holding you back.

Enough about this dream stuff.  How to shift practically into reality?  Below are five ways to begin living your dreams today.

1. Know - with clarity - what your biggest dreams in life are.

Don't even think for one second about dreaming small.  If you dream small, Spiritual Rockstar that you are, then your dreams will turn out small, because you have the power to fulfill them.  Use the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd to light up any cloudiness around your dreams.  Write them down, then write down how you imagine your dream to play out.

2.  Recognize your fears and keep going anyways

Along with your dream, write down all of your fears.  Are they life-threatening, or mind-based fears that have practical solutions?  

3.  Write down 3 practical steps you can take TODAY to begin working towards your dream.

Maybe that means beginning a yoga practice, or doing more yoga or meditation, in order to quell your fears.  Perhaps you scour the internet to research global destinations for your new location independent lifestyle.  Maybe it's as simple as introducing some biohacking methods into your life so you are at optimal health to prime your mind-body-spirit for the journey.

4. Reduce toxic relationships in your life.

This is one of the most challenging things to do.  Trust me, I know, I've done this time and again.  Maybe you don't have any relationships in your sphere which drain your energy, contribute negativity to your vibration, or make you feel horrible, but I'm pretty sure at one point or another, all of us do.  Sometimes they are blood family, sometimes they are lifelong friends, sometimes new friends.  Often these dynamics are an opportunity for us to practice boundaries, non-violent communication, and plain 'ole life.  At the end of the day, though, it's important to ask one's self, "Is this relationship contributing equally to my spirit and path as I am to theirs, and do I gain as much positivity as I do toxicity out of it?"

The more we are surrounded with people on the path to living their dreams, supporting one another, boosting spirits, encouraging and empowering one another, the more empowered and encouraged we become.  

5.  Take one step TODAY towards your dream.

Today's step might just be reading this article, for you, or putting into practice some of the suggestions from the article.  Maybe you join the Spiritual Rockstar Community to meet others working towards their dreams.  One small steps, each and every day, adds up to walking the path towards your dreams, and, in essence, living your dreams over time.

What's stopping you, if not you?

Comments welcome & encouraged!

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