Visionaries as Soul Mates

A person who flows in life, I often do not realize the power of the incredibly beautiful connections created while I journey, the moment they are happening.  In other words - I go about my life, I move from intuition, from my heart, I follow my truth.  In doing so, I meet many people who touch my life, who teach me, who show me the world through different eyes.  




Then there are the people who are my soul creators; visionaries on a like-minded path sharing their own incredible gift with the world.

Often the moment I meet one of my soul creators, soul brothers and sisters, I recognize these visionaries as soul-mates.  Brothers and sisters whom I am drawn to for a reason, in this life.  Our connection is so powerful and strong, we were meant to meet.  In fact, it is our karma to meet.  We have met before, in many previous lives.  No doubt we will meet again.  Here we are, in the age of consciousness, gifted an opportunity to dream a world greater than the one we were born into. 

 We were born for a purpose, and we are meeting once again in this life to help one another share this purpose and vision with the world.

It is only because I have walked to the very edge of life and seen my potential, expanded my mind, my soul, my consciousness, that I am able to say what I say with truth and clarity.  For these same reasons, once I walked to this edge, I began to meet the very same people who had done the same.  People who were ready to live an awakened life, live in truth, live in LOVE, live in a conscious way.  While the jewelry I make can assist you in connecting to your inner truth and consciousness, there is nothing more powerful than hearing from other inspiring individuals who have stepped in this direction and are living their dreams. 

My true wish in life is to inspire, that we may all live our dreams, that we may all- the human race- be truly happy.  That we may be FED – our bellies, our hearts, our souls.   

 Please check out previous and upcoming interviews with my fellow visionaries.  Their lives, their way, their work, their passion, their truth has impacted me and inspired me to no end, and I am beyond grateful to be sharing a small piece of their story with you.



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Zahara Jade