Universal Flow: When Are We Flowing, Really?

Aloof, temperamental, creative, outspoken, outgoing artist, I often work alone.  The dilemma is that I also crave human contact, and busy, fun atmospheres where I can engage in titillating conversation.  My solution?  Work in cafes that play loud music, where conversation are inevitable, even when I am the one feeling inwards and aloof.  The truth of me and my creative passions are that I am eternally inspired by others, whether by their energy, their personal passions, visions, or simply their smile.

This past weekend craving a fun work atmosphere, I ventured to my favorite Niman spot, Ristr8o.  So over-packed with people, mid-work, hovering over my Mac and external hard drive, 3 other girls were sat at my table to be served.  Naturally in the moment my only concern being preventing coffee from spilling and ruining my electronics, I was not exactly exuding friendly vibes.  In the middle of loud pop music, a small, crowded, hipster café with coffee grinding in the background, long hard benches packed to the brim with Thais and Westerners alike, a film crew rolls up.  Obviously.  It would not be a “normal” day in Thailand if something completely out of the ordinary did not happen. 

As soon as they saw the film crew, the gals sitting across from me immediately donned sunglasses and begin to make a move, the one Thai girl saying in a perfect American accent, “We don’t do film”.  Whatever I said in response encouraged them to sit a little longer and opened up the conversation.  Amora thought I was European and spoke no English, I’m guessing from my standoffish attitude.  I assumed she also did not speak English.  Once we were talking in the same tongue, we discovered we both run social entrepreneurships!  Thank you, TV crew


Amora runs Ablelogy, with the mission to: “maximize social impact via 1) social entrepreneurship, and 2) donations.  Every purchase on Ablelogy goes towards this beautiful goal.  Their #1 mission is to help feed hungry and underprivileged.  They also bring products which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, at affordable prices.  Currently, Ablelogy’s reach extends to charitable foundations in Chiang Mai.  Amora’s long-term vision with Ablelogy is to help support the underprivileged in a province in Northern Thailand, Mae Hong Son. My precise intention these days is to find like-minded individuals to collaborate with and partner with around the world.  Enter, Amora & Ablelogy.


There seemed to be no mistake that I was sitting at that exact table, at Ristr8o this particular Saturday morning.  In fact, Amora had to fly out of Thailand the following, back to her current home in Dallas, Texas.  Amora’s vision, the impact her company is making on the world, their means of sourcing and supporting the environment is in line with ZAHARA + JADE Jewelry vision.  

The more I tune into intuition, honed not only by my own gut, but I truly believe by the powers of the pieces themselves, the more I am connecting with the people I am asking to be connected with.  Sometimes within hours of asking for something, such as a connection with a buyer at a company, or famous person, the Universe answers.  Of course these connections occur as a result of some effort on my part, but how I know to reach out to my ex-college roommate out of nowhere after years, only to find out she has been a buyer for the exact company I would like ZAHARA + JADE Jewelry to partner with, simply blows my mind every time.

While the main focus of this post is not about ZAHARA + JADE Jewelry, perhaps it highlights how PRAY Jewelry’s pieces and energies amplify intuition on a daily basis and thus may impact you in your own life. 

Zahara Jade