What Exactly IS Bliss?

I spent some time with a girlfriend the other evening.  We're both artists, travelers, visionaries, and living our own dreams.  She is a painter, and an exceptional one.  She is able to capture a real life image on 2D canvas which brings the image back to life as if it were in front of you.  Her paintings move even the casual observer and make them feel as deeply as one would if they were hiking the The Great Wall of China, or trekking Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.  Her paintings capture the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the ethereal, layers of spiritual realms we cannot touch.  Sarah creates magic out of nothing.

While we were chatting about life, the topic came around to bliss.  Since I write a lot about the subject, the focus turned to me as she asked if I am living in my bliss, to which I responded emphatically, "yes".  

Naturally I have come to this state over years, through process, and living my bliss does not exempt me from pain and suffering or unhappiness.  Rather, I have touched levels of bliss - in a sober state (I am rarely not sober) - in which I knew oneness.  There was no fear, no me, no you, no knowing, no doing.  A bit more below about this whole bliss thing......

The more Sarah and I discussed the idea of bliss, the more I wondered, what are other people's perceptions of this concept, and are they living in unabandoned bliss?  

What struck me was that, based on our conversation, it appeared to me that Sarah is not living in her bliss.  

Well, not exactly.  Don't get me wrong, she has just about everything going for her; she has a stable job, she's traveling on an art scholarship, she is an artist paid for her work which is more than many can say.  

So what's missing, and where exactly does the whole bliss thing fit in?

What I gleaned from Sarah's sharing was that she is not living in complete connectedness with her truth and her dharma.  Although is making amazing things happen and living ways most would dream, her "day job" pre-travels is less than fulfilling (she used the word "hate"), and in a location that is less than desirable, and has been doing this for a few years.

For a woman like Sarah - someone who is clearly passionate, creative, intelligent, driven, successful, and spiritually aware - living off-center from her bliss leaves a lot to explore.

Sarah's story is exceptional in the fact that her art and spiritual awareness are exceptional.  Other than that, she is much like most people in the world, settling for "enough" of the dream while secretly despising parts of her life and pretending it's ok, though her soul is yearning for more.

Does any of Sarah's story sound familiar to you, or resonate on a heart level?

If so, you are far from alone.  We all want to live our dream to the fullest, but there is usually something holding us back.

Bliss is really quite simple.

Bliss, in my definition and experience, is living in flow.  

It means living a life that is in line with your truth, with your higher self, a life that fills you with happiness and contentment.  Throughout, there are elevated moments that feel "blissful", when you feel at one with everything, and there are also darker moments of confusion, pain, and angst.  

The important piece for those living in bliss is that they weather life's storms like pro surfers; they take the waves as they come, breathe, smile, and enjoy the ride because they know it will all pass.  

Those living in their bliss are equanimous.  They remain happy and find moments of joy even on the worst of days.

A recent article in the NY talked about a subset of sparkly people who radiate an inner light.  The writer hypothesizes that shiny, happy people follow a list of moral and ethical virtues, which is the main reason the shine like they do.  The question is, how do the radiate ones, living in bliss, come to follow these moral virtues, and what is it that leads one to live life in such a way?  

In the next blog article I will explore ways to live in bliss, because the ultimate vision of ZAHARA + JADE and myself is to help you live your wildest dreams, and to live in bliss.

Do you believe you are living in bliss?  If so, to what do you attribute this?

Are you someone who wishes to live in bliss?  If so, please let me know!  

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Zahara Jade