Yoga Mind-Body Rebalancing Tips Week I

Who isn't looking for a little grounding and centering this Holiday Season?  As spiritually aware, energetically sensitive beings, we are all craving a little time to re-connect with ourselves.  Quite often we are rich in community and family during the Holidays, but rarely rich with time.  Don't get caught up in the craze and forget the real reason we are here: whatever that reason and purpose is for you.  Don't allow the busy-ness of the season to prevent you from finding the peace and stillness within that you desire.  


Our gift to you this Holiday is a collaboration of some of the most respected, renowned, intuitive, balanced, genuine Yogis, Healers, and Spiritual Leaders we know, who have offered to share with us tips and ideas for how they re-balance.  ZAHARA JADE's Global Yoga Re-balancing Series is by no means limited only to yoga asanas, but will include a wealth of knowledge from different energetic and movement facets which you will be able to incorporate into your every day life in a matter of minutes.


Whether you choose to wear ZAHARA JADE conscious jewelry to find balance, embark in the Global Re-balancing Series with us, or utilize your own centering tools, we wish you a very peaceful, harmonious, abundant and love-filled holiday season.


Emma O'Neill 

Whenever I'm tired, whenever I need a change in perspective, I drop what I'm doing and pop up onto my head. Not only is it great for the cardiovascular system & the core, it literally turns my world upside-down & allows me to shift my view of whatever it is that's needing attention. 


Authorized Ashtanga Level I!/pages/Emma-ONeill-Yoga/404046370389?ref=ts

ZAHARA JADE complimentary balancing piece for this pose is LOVE Protection Wrap Bracelet which protects while it emits healing vibes.  Easy to wear in any pose! 

Sofia Araujo



I find balance by breathing deeply in Nature, feeling Her support underneath my feet, trusting that I´m stepping exactly where I need to be.

Director of Swara Yoga School

ZAHARA JADE conscious yogi balancing jewelry best complimenting this pose is the Forever Shine Ring, allow your inner brilliance to shine bright!

Sofia Xirotiri



This posture makes me feel powerfull as I had to overcome my fears...going deeper and overcome my past injuries on my upper back and waist...

Ashtanga Yoga not only Physical

ZAHARA JADE conscious yogi balancing jewelry best complimenting this pose is the Chakra Balancing Buddha Necklace, a combination of funky with balance. 

Zahara Jade