Yoga Mind-Body Rebalancing Tips Week II

Our yogis are sharing some incredible, coveted tips from many years of practice - to help us re-center our energy, and find balance as the New Year rapidly approaches.  This week's shares come from very advanced teachers and practitioners, yet the tips are practical and so simple they may be overlooked.  Take a moment to read what these spiritual experts have to say about finding some peace in times of duress, stress & imbalance.  Don't be shy.......feel free to incorporate any of these practices into your own life!  That's why we are sharing them!!!



Zoe Ward, Authorized Ashtanga Teacher, Miami Life Center, & all around badass.

TIP: Sometimes all I need is a change in perspective; the slightest bend in the opposite direction can help me see a side of things that had been alluding me.

Taking time to take a breath creates space and time in my day. Rather than just letting my body breath without instruction, I’ll give myself a few moment to connect with energy that is so easy to take for granted.


Emily Baxter, Worldwide Teacher of Partner Acrobatics & Yoga Teacher Trainings (another all around badass) "I find balance by playing with others"

Dylan Bernstein, Authorized Ashtanga Teacher
~ Finding myself in nature always brings me closer to balance. When I notice that my mind has been overly drawn to the artificial and distracting, I chose to let my senses mingle with some aspect of natural divinity. I may be able to take a walk in the woods or dip my toe in a stream. Or in the urban environment, it might be as simple as letting sunshine touch my hand or listening for birdsong, no matter how distant. 
Ever since I was young, I found my inner home while in trees. The thrill of climbing encompasses and transcends the danger of falling. So I believe that true balance involves risk. Knowing the extremes that we chose to avoid is the best way to discover our own center. Nature always reminds us that we are complete and whole exaclty as we are -- perfect extensions of divinity! ~

Be well as you flow through the Holidays.  Don't forget to take a moment for yourself so you can completely, fully, genuinely share your brilliant soul with loved ones.


Zahara Jade