Does it Matter Why I wear Z+J?

All of you gorgeous, conscious souls who found your way to buy ZAHARA JADE Yogi Jewelry have done so because you are not only looking to expand yourself, but you believe there is no reason to sacrifice style on your spiritual path.  By all means, wear ZAHARA JADE for its' coolness-factor, but be aware of the jewelry's powers. You will likely find ZAHARA JADE energies sImilar to experiences with yoga: we often step on our mat at first for one reason (likely to try the "new fad" or to "look good"), and after a while find yoga affects us in so many other ways.

ZAHARA JADE has power if you believe in it.  When belief is there, the power is tremendous.  Be very clear, conscious, positive, without fear and doubt when setting your intentions.  Whatever you infuse in your piece will be manifested.

What should I do when I receive my piece of jewelry?

Be so stoked you have now received your very first piece of conscious, blessed, hip, edgy, modern jewelry to use on your spiritual path!  Congratulations, blissful soul, you are in-tune and healing with high-vibrational energies from the Far East.  It is recommended that you begin your new relationship with ZAHARA JADE Jewelry with an intention-setting ceremony.  In doing so, any personal intention wished to be gained by wearing ZAHARA JADE Yogi Jewelry will fuse and remain.  

*Recommendations for Intention Setting Ceremony found at the bottom of this page.  

Is there a special way to keep Z+J energetic powers over time?

Conscious, sexy, in-tune spiritual beings, you are very much in tune with what feeds your soul and your energy.  When it comes to feeding your piece with energy and power, similar concepts apply.  What resonates with you?  To maintain all of this divine energy, you can hold your piece in incense or under moonlight bi-monthly.  Another method of keeping the energy is to rub it with special aromatic oils.  The best oils to use are home-made by healers in the Far East and of the rare variety.  If you are drawn to this method please reach out to me for more details.

How Can I Clean My Jewelry?

We all love brand new, shiny things!  The beauty of old treasures, often lost in our fast-paced consumer world, can be recaptured with ZAHARA JADE Jewelry, if you allow it.  Over time with love, care, & intention, your vintage & new ZAHARA JADE pieces are designed to tarnish & change color.  This mimics the process in the Far East, which happens as a talisman gains energy and power as it is worn.  Tarnishing allows the piece to take on a more antique, vintage look.  

Of course if you are strictly a modern urbanite wishing to keep the original color of the piece, that is Ok!  Energies held in ZAHARA JADE Jewelry will not be affected by cleaning.  Natural Cleaning Mixture:  Mix lemon juice with baking soda to form the consistency of toothpaste to clean brass. Rub this mixture over the surface of the brass, and let sit for five minutes. Rinse with warm water. 

Intention Setting Ceremony for Jewelry

Your energy is special and sparkling, which is how you found your way to ZAHARA JADE in the first place.  ZJ is merely an amplifier for you, and it is important that you in-vibe the piece with your own energy. This charges and tunes the piece's energy to your unique vibration.  In this way, you can use ZJ Jewelry not just for protection but as a means of living your true essence, manifesting the life you most desire, and attracting positive energy.  

1. Set up: This ceremony may be as short and sweet or as elaborate as you choose.  Pick and choose any of the following questions or statements to play with in your Intention Setting Ceremony, they are simply to ignite inspiration.

  • Who are the people, family, friends and community I wish to surround myself with?

  • What type of environment is best suited to my personality and what changes do I need to make in order to live in it?

  • What type of work feeds my soul?

  • What am I missing in my life that I wish to call in to feed my soul? Activities,

  • creative passions, dance, connection, culture, philanthropy, healing, cooking, rest, nature, slowing down....?

  • I wish to manifest my dream of .....

  • Let me live in bliss, connection, peace, flow, fearlessness, love, connection to the Universe

  • I wish to call more.....in my life

2.  In order to create space for your ceremony, light a candle or incense.  If you have an altar, sit in front of that.  Write down or visualize what you wish to bring into your life at this time.  If you have a vision board, this is the perfect time to set it in front of you and send out ZAHARA JADE's energy to help manifest your vision.

3.  Sit in a comfortable seated position in front of the incense with your ZAHARA JADE Yogi Jewelry pendant, bracelet or ring in your palms.  Focus on spiritual aid, protection, and your life's vision as you connect your energy to ZAHARA JADE's energy to Universal energy.  All you need to do is allow the flow of energy.  Energy infused in ZAHARA JADE is powerful enough to capture your vision and continue to send it out as long as you wear it.  This ceremony may be as short and sweet or as elaborate as you choose.   

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