Z+J Buzz

We believe in the ancient powers of our jewelry, but we don't expect you to take our word for it.  Your fellow truth seekers, yogis, conscious life-stylers, changemakers, travelers + modern urbanites can speak to the transformative nature held within Z+J pieces and our work.  


I'm a big supporter of creative talent when I see it. Especially, when the person behind it is a force of nature in their own right. Shana, or otherwise known as, Shana, takes the cake. She's pure magic. I don't often blow smoke, unless, and only if, I'm struck by someone who sincerely brings light into every encounter, as well as, love. When this passion and love is poured into work, it often brings a divine quality and energy that is unique unto itself.

Laruga Glasser

I put on my Zahara + Jade jewelry as the last thing I do before I leave the house every morning. It's become something of a ritual for me, like other people would put on lipstick or check themselves in the mirror before heading out. I wrap my bracelet - 1, 2, 3, 4 times - clasp it, take a deep breath, and I go. I immediately feel more calm, present, and able to take on life's challenges. I had the privilege of living and studying in Chiang Mai many years ago and I know the magic of the place. I feel that magic and a greater connection to the world and those around me every time I put on the jewelry. It is truly truly special.


Went to teach a private yoga class today and forgot to put the ring on. It was like I had forgotten my mobile phone - it's a can't live without item. I actually did say to myself in all seriousness, 'It's all happening.' I'm somehow very calm about things [since wearing the Dream Skull Ring]. I would normally be freaking out. Maybe I still need to clear some issues surrounding manifestation (3rd chakra travails), but I know, whatever happens, this is going to be quite a year for me and the best is yet to come.

Odin Nicolas

I believe it is a wonderful gift you have. The energy I have found from using my mala is untold. I was staying in a 12th century house, practicing in the loft, chanting with the beads and felt such calm and connection with the divine within.

Clare McKinney

Whenever I wear my Om pendant, I feel its potent force and its effortless capacity in helping me to raise my vibration. I also sense the radiant spirit of its creator infused within its sublime design. Thank you, Shana, for your unstinting zeal to create such conscious beauty in the Universe. Love you...love your work.

Niall Sutherland

I found your site right when I was feeling lost and something in me needed guidance, I think I was finally "ready" to find my way through "me" if that makes any sense. And I feel an awakening within me and I feel it has something to do with finding you.

Joy O'Meara

The moment I touched the ZAHARA + JADE bracelets, I could feel the intensity of their powerful energy. The energy was so much I had to place them back down again. I could feel a continuous flow of energy creep slowly through my whole body. I received my ZAHARA + JADE bracelet on a full moon. I attended a full moon ceremony and had my kundalini activated during this process my ZAHARA + JADE bracelet became very hot but did not burn my wrist, but it felt hot enough to. I feel wearing my ZAHARA + JADE bracelet has helped to remove the debris of my fear.

All through out the day I could feel this intense energy. Wearing my ZAHARA JADE bracelet gives me a feeling of power and trust. I communicate with my PRAY bracelet on a daily basis. The ZAHARA + JADE bracelets have a life of their own and will most certainly bring greater awareness and magikal powers to the wearer. I feel honoured to own a ZJ bracelet. I want all of my friends to own one. All the best Shana.

Jurne Azubiah

So much love in my heart for you. You, the goddess and free spirit and game changer...

Diana Vitantonio

Thank you for the beautiful energy which you give people!!!

Lenka Barochova

Your jewelry is beautiful and conscious. I love it! You know, what's even more lovely than your jewelry is the real jewels that are shining inside your soul...Inspired by you, your work and your story, I just became a backer of your campaign. It was so wonderful to meet you in Mysore. Good luck and lots of light to you.

Jim Kambeitz

I must thank you for your beautiful and very powerful creations that you made for us!!! We are in love! We had our intention setting ceremony tonight and it was amazing!!!! The baby constantly grabs her bracelet and holds it in her palm! My pieces are perfect too! Thank you so much!!!

Addy Nash

Shana - could I please re-commission? It went missing when I had an accident in Bali... [The Custom Gemstone Awakening Teardrop Headpiece] was the dearest piece of jewelry I've owned and even though I've let it go (pretty much!) I feel it's time to re-create something for a new a chapter!!

Guinevere Rhonwen Short