Divine Warrior Necklace

Divine Warrior Necklace


As a Divine Warrior, you possess rare inner qualities which require refinement + realignment throughout the day.  These are the most rare + unique amulets Z+J Jewelry has offered, and they come with special responsibilities if you wish to harness their full potential.  If you do choose to use + wear the Divine Warrior Necklace for purposes of spiritual practice, guidance is provided below.  Exceptionally rare - hand-crafted + blessed by a Northern Thai monk around 2250 BE.


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  • Strung on a semi-precious bead, oxidized sterling silver, or rose gold chain

The amulets were empowered with incantations of the kama raka (‘kama sutra’) variety.  The muan sarn ingredients of the sacred powder base used to fill the locket, contains a vast array of powerful and very difficult to obtain ingredients, such as wan chang pasom khloengwan saw hlongwan saneh jantr, thao wan hlong, earths and ashes, and a special Takrut Dor Tong (‘golden flower spell’)

Practices to harness the powers of the Divine Warrior Necklace.