Samsara Bracelet

Samsara Bracelet

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We love reminding you just how special you are, because it's true.  Your uniqueness was our inspiration for this very special piece.  

You are surfing the waves of samsara as you work through your karma on your way to enlightenment.  

It is no mistake you have found your way to this page, this product, this bracelet because it has its own karma and will protect you from harm as you surf the waves. 

Its' strong design of bullet scroll + brass hook clasp flows nicely with the rudraksha - gemstone beading.  The rudrakshas will bring you calm, the bullet scroll protection and abundance.  To show you how much we value your uniqueness, we offer different gemstones so you know your piece is like no other.  You may have your choice (please email:, or simply trust the divine flow that we will connect with your vibration and create the perfect piece for you.  

Takrut Amulet Size:
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  • This is one of the most powerful pieces of protection one can wear, so powerful it is said to protect against bullets, thus often made from old bullets
  • Large takrut amulet measures .75-1”x ¼”x ¼” 
  • Small takrut amulet measures .5”x ¼”x ¼”
  • Mala bracelet also available plain