Bali Beginnings

Zahara + Jade was a simple concept with an altruistic intention; bring Eastern energies to the West.  The vision was born in Bali where Shana connected to Balinese culture, spirituality, and community.  Living there on + off for nearly a decade, she developed a strong affinity with the Balinese beliefs of animism + their reverence for magic in objects, including the earth, which they belief possess powers if blessed.

Kris Sword + Balinese Ceremonies

Zahara + Jade Jewelry's first run launched in 2012 under an older name, P.R.A.Y. Jewelry, with a few simple designs, hand-crafted deep in the island of Bali by Kris sword makers.  These unique sword makers are believed to possess magical abilities, passed down through the generations.  They infuse Kris swords with 9 metals on the most auspicious day of the month while blessing it and infusing it with protective powers.  Kris swords are revered in Bali and throughout SE Asi as magical objects which can protect the owner, bring wealth, good luck, and more. 

Shana had the great fortune to collaborate with the Kris swords makers, who utilized the very same sword-making process of fusing 9 metals on an auspicious day with blessings, to craft Zahara + Jade Jewelry.  Following suit with the Kris sword process, all Zahara + Jade Jewelry's powers are tested post-creation and then blessed in private ceremonies with Balinese Priests.

Our brand's dharma was to work with energies from the Buddhists in Thailand, while weaving Balinese wisdom into the creation of our product.

Buddhist Amulets, Blessings + More

Call it karma, divine guidance, or alignment with one's truth - how Shana ended up chasing down sword makers and meeting her Buddhist, monk-connected metalsmith in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was meant to be

June 11, 2012, she will always remember, because it was a full super moon and she was expecting to see around three monks at the temple,  and when she arrived on that auspicious evening, 100 monks sat cross-legged, decorating the edges of an ornate Buddhist temple, all holding one long, connected piece of spirit string. 

They began chanting around 6pm in the evening and chanted through the night, past 7am the next morning.  A revered, reclusive monk, well-known for his ability to bestow protective blessings, environmental blessings, and more, came down from his temple in the mountains for that special ceremony.

In this moment, Shana knew she was destined to remain in Chiang Mai to create her line of jewelry and share it with the world.  After 2.5 yrs she met her husband, also an American from the Mid-West, and she now incorporates the blessed jewelry, vintage monk amulets filled with prayer scrolls, and more, into her line. 

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